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Welcome to the vardhaman Industries famous for producing high quality pulses and related products. We are glad to proclaim ourselves as one of the best pulses suppliers and manufacturers across rajasthan and all over India. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with latest machines for producing pulses and related products.

Chana Dal industries

Chana dal is one of the most important dal of India. Vardhman Industries is counted amongst the top chana dal industries in India. Chana dal is rich in vitamins and proteins as protein is easily and quickly digested by our body.
From chana dal all kinds of sweet and salty dishes can be made. The raditional halva made of chana dal is so tasty that no words are there to express.

Chana dal features:

  • Chana dal is half chana only which is grinded and polished in our chana dal indutries..
  • It is like a grain of corn in appearance and taste, and that the famous Indian cuisine is one of the ingredients
  • Chana dal is extremely delicious, nutritious and easy to digest to the body.
  • Soups, salads, curries, lentils based dishes, salty dishes, sweet and is used in rice dishes, as well as related, roasted them in flour is also Pisa (gram flour), which is a just like material used in India to complete goes.
  • Chana dal is a pulses that are often used in Indian cooking in every kitchens.
  • The taste nd fragrances of chana dal that is purchased from our chana dal industries is just awesome and mouth watering..